Mercedes say Bahrain GP predictions changed ‘every two or three seconds’

Source : Sky Sports

Mercedes have revealed that the outcome of Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen kept changing according to their simulation in the final laps of the Bahrain Grand Prix. The two best drivers and the two best teams went head to head in the closing laps of the Bahrain Grand Prix after a race-long tactical battle. Mercedes’ technical director, James Alisson revealed how the advanced simulation tools couldn’t definitively predict the outcome of the race.

“It was one of the most thrilling, nail-biting, sort of, chest-bursting experiences that I have ever had at a race track,” said Allison. “We have all sorts of tools at the track that make predictions for us, that shows us how the tyres are wearing, what the likelihood is of holding a place, not holding a place and we have the timing screens like everyone else and we have the television like everyone else.”

In the end, the aggressive tyre strategy from Mercedes coupled with excellent defensive driving from Hamilton got them over the line in a scintillating opening Grand Prix. Alisson said that three stops were never on the cards for Hamilton.

“The honest answer is absolutely no,” said the Englishman. “Three stop would have been instant death at that track, far, far too slow a strategy. We were just making the absolute maximum of what the hard tyre could offer us, and three stops was never something that we considered.”


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