McLaren buoyed by strong start to F1 2021 at pre-season testing, as they catch Lewis Hamilton’s eye

Source : Sky Sports

Lando Norris insists McLaren’s pre-season test wasn’t “perfect” but admits the iconic Formula 1 team are heading into 2021 with even more confidence than last year after an encouraging three days in Bahrain. Lewis Hamilton, meanwhile, stated that “it’s great to see McLaren looking strong” – with the testing form hinting they have not just built on third place last year, but also may have closed in on Mercedes and Red Bull.

“It’s difficult to know what everyone’s doing but we can be confident, we have a decent car,” said Norris “We have things to work on for sure, not everything’s perfect, but I’m happy and excited to get started.”

“I think it’s gone well. I want to say we’re maybe a little more confident than we were last year,” he added. “In terms of starting off with a good step and on the right foot, I think we’ve managed to do that and we have some good things to work on when we come back in two weeks.”

“Without doubt, it is quite impressive to see the speed of some of the other teams,” said Hamilton. “Red Bull are looking particularly strong, and it’s great to see McLaren also looking strong, also Alpine. I’m excited as that means more fun.”


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