Max Verstappen misses out on win to Lewis Hamilton after track limits order

Source: Sky Sports

Max Verstappen was left heartbroken after track limit rules caused him to fall short of victory in the Bahrain Grand Prix. Verstappen was chasing down Hamilton who was racing on a set of old tyres while being disadvantaged by a backmarker. Verstappen then overtook Hamilton on Turn 4 but was off the track after the manoeuvre. He was then told by Red Bull to concede his position over the straight.

“Why didn’t you let me go? I could have easily pulled those five seconds [for a penalty instead],” Verstappen said. “I prefer to lose a win like that than be second like this.”

Verstappen couldn’t get close to Hamilton for the rest of the race and be infuriated with the race officials. Red Bull boss Christian Horner said that Race Control had to hand the position back immediately.

“Once you have got that instruction, you’ve got to move out the way,” said Horner. “He did that. It was fair racing and it was tough racing.”

“I spoke to [FIA race director] Michael Masi and asked what is the hard and fast rule? He said if a car overtakes outside the white line, you’ve got to let the car back. You’ve got to give the track position back.” Paul Di Resta revealed.


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