Daniel Ricciardo predicts bright McLaren future in Formula 1 as he begins new career chapter

Source : Sky Sports

Daniel Ricciardo has spoken of his excitement about what he feels McLaren can achieve in future seasons. The 31-year-old former Renault and Red Bull driver was presented in the team’s colours for the first time at their 2021 launch on Monday evening alongside team-mate Lando Norris, with the MCL35M car they will be driving in the new season also revealed.

“We don’t have a crystal ball. Leaving Red Bull or leaving Renault, it’s obviously what I feel is right,” Ricciardo said. “Do I know 100 per cent how it’s going to turn out? I don’t, but I certainly feel like McLaren have done the right things particularly the last few years to set themselves up for these rule changes coming in ’22.”

“That kind of next era of F1 has the ability to turn the field around a little bit and everything I’ve seen and known up until now really excites me about where McLaren is heading,” he added.

“It’s three years [on the contract] so it’s certainly enough time to get this thing going. Obviously, I feel I’m coming here with a bunch of momentum behind the team as well,” said the Australian.” Ricciardo continued. “Not only results but let’s say some really good stability in the team and infrastructure. When I talked to McLaren a couple of years ago back in 2018, I don’t think Andreas was there yet, James Key wasn’t, so there were still quite a few moving parts.”


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