MMA Fight: Former UFC champion Conor McGregor expects to begin MMA sparring in April

MMA Fight
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MMA Fight: Conor McGregor, who underwent surgery for a broken leg sustained in a July bout, says he hopes to resume full training by April, after which the former UFC two-weight champion expects to return to the Octagon.

McGregor’s competitive future was in doubt after he was injured during a trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier, but the Irishman is confident in his ability to return to the ring.

“By April, I’ll be fully trained in mixed martial arts sparring.” Easily!” McGregor, 33, stated during a Twitter Q&A with his followers on Saturday. “By then, a comeback will be on the cards.”

“However, I must be patient.” “I’m going to win!”

Both combatants were still trying to land as a dramatic opening five-minute period against Poirier came to an end in Las Vegas, as McGregor staggered backwards, locking his foot beneath himself and fracturing his leg.

Medics were quickly summoned to the Octagon, and it was evident that McGregor would be unable to continue, causing the referee to put a halt to the fight on the doctor’s orders. McGregor was knocked out for the third time in his past four UFC battles.

He stated that he will not rush his return and will instead take a careful approach to his recovery.

“The fibula has recovered completely. McGregor stated, “The medial side of the tibia is likewise forming beautiful callous.”

“Now it’s simply a matter of waiting for it to form down through the bone to the lateral side of the tibia, which is where the bigger break happened.”

“It’s coming together.” This race will be won through patience for me!”

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