MMA Fight: Before Ben Askren, Yoel Romero was in talks to face Jake Paul

MMA Fight

MMA Fight: According to Yoel Romero, he was in talks to fight Jake Paul in a boxing match: “If you order fillet mignon at a restaurant, you don’t want an egg. I resemble a fillet mignon, while the Paul brothers resemble an egg!”

Yoel Romero of Bellator has disclosed that he was in talks to fight Jake Paul before Ben Askren, but that the YouTuber declined.

The 44-year-old believes that conversations began after Romero departed the UFC in December 2020, but that the match never materialised for whatever reason. After that, the Cuban would sign with Bellator in a big coup for the company.

“The first fight that they intended to put together was going to be against me,” Romero revealed through a translator. One week after I concluded my previous fight in the UFC versus Stylebender (Israel Adesanya), they contacted me.

“Paul’s management was contacted by my manager.” They gathered for dinner and began making plans for the fight. But in the end, they decided against it, and Ben Askren was chosen instead. Jake Paul isn’t likely to want a fight with me.”

When Sky Sports News host Ed Draper questioned Romero why he feels Jake Paul isn’t interested in the fight, the ‘Soldier of God’ raised his fists to the camera to demonstrate his point….

He went on to say, “I enjoy actual boxing.” “People who care about what they do.” If I’m going to fight, I’m going to fight like a true boxer. People are paying to see a nice job done in there, after all.

“When you pay for a fillet mignon at a restaurant, you expect a good fillet mignon. You’ve paid for both the service and the food. You don’t want an egg if you’ve paid for a fillet mignon. I resemble a fillet mignon, while the Paul brothers resemble an egg!”

The former UFC champion hasn’t ruled out a boxing career. Romero, who is known for his violent striking in the MMA cage, reveals that he has always admired the art form since he was a child.

Romero is ‘nervous’ about his Bellator debut

But first, Romero will make his Bellator debut on Saturday, when he takes on Phil Davis in a light-heavyweight bout.

Despite signing in December, Romero’s journey has been difficult. Romero was originally accepted into the Bellator light-heavyweight Grand Prix, where he was scheduled to meet Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson in a highly anticipated bout, however, he had to withdraw due to injury.

But the pressure of competing for a new firm isn’t the only thing on the Cuban’s mind; he’ll also be gaining weight. Romero, who usually fights at 185 pounds, will be fighting at 205 pounds for the first time since 2011. He hasn’t been in a cage in almost 18 months, since his loss against Adesanya in March 2020. Is he flinching under the strain?

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