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Laporta Has Revealed Barcelona’s Debt Is €1.35 Billion
Laporta Has Revealed Barcelona’s Debt Is €1.35 Billion
Laporta Has Revealed Barcelona’s Debt Is €1.35 Billion
Football Laporta Has Revealed Barcelona’s Debt Is €1.35 Billion

Laporta Has Revealed Barcelona’s Debt Is €1.35 Billion

Barcelona FC president Joan Laporta held a press conference explaining the current economic situation at the club on Monday, yesterday. And among other things, Laporta has revealed Barcelona’s debt is €1.35 billion.

Laporta Has Revealed Barcelona’s Debt Is €1.35 Billion

“Barca has a negative net worth of 451 million euros,” Laporta said, as reported by the club’s press office.

“Our debt is €1.35 billon,” he further revealed.

“Our salaries represent 103% of the club’s total income. That’s 20 to 25 per cent more than our competitors,” he explained.

“We’ve found ourselves in a difficult economic situation and it’s very worrying,” Laporta finished.

Laporta on Bartomeu’s Letter: It’s an Exercise in Desperation

Some previous reports reveal that ex-Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu has penned an open letter regarding the existing crisis at Barcelona.

He has blamed current Blaugrana president Joan Laporta for the dire straits that the Calatan club finds itself in.

And Laporta has responded to his predecessor during the press conference earlier today, Mundo Deportivo reports:

“I received Bartomeu’s letter and read it closely – it is full of lies with an effort to justify a management that is just unjustifiable. It’s an exercise in desperation.

“I don’t agree with Bartomeu’s numbers and figures either. I absolutely disagree. They [the former board] are responsible until March 17, 2021 [when new election have been held] and the consequences of their management.”

“No one will escape their responsibilities,” Laporta finished.

Laporta: Messi’s Situation Is Sad but Necessary

Joan Laporta has already discussed Lionel Messi leaving the club, and making one of the biggest football transfers to PSG.

Indeed, there was football news of Barcelona making a last-ditch offer to Messi even after he finished his shock move.

But now, the Barcelona president talks about their star striker and captain leaving with more concrete resignation.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has commented on Lionel Messi’s departure in his latest press conference.

“We are convinced that the decision that should’ve been made been made. Messi’s situation is sad but necessary,” Laporta told the press, as per Diario Sport.

“The institution is above all,” he said. “I think it’s been a relationship that has lasted a long time. In the end, it has deteriorated. It is the law of life.”

“We have advanced the post-Messi era by two years,” Laporta elaborated. “Messi is the best and he also has his aspirations.”

“I have contradictory feelings regarding his presentation in PSG, but I feel like I saw a happy Messi. I’m happy for him because he deserves it,” he said, finally, and Messi at his new club.