Zodiakis wins first horse race since the pandemic


Zodiakis won the Welcome Back British Racing Handicap at Newcastle – the first race in the United Kingdom since meetings were last held on March 17.

Horseracing became the first major sport to resume operations after the government allowed sports to resume behind closed doors on Saturday. The British Horseracing Authority has set down a long list of rules for the sports to operate in this post coronavirus world.

Zodiakis wins first horse race since the pandemic

Winning jockey James Sullivan said, “It’s very nice to get the first winner. I’m blowing a bit as obviously it’s the first time I’ve ridden in a race for a while and it was hard work. In this heat today, riding in the mask, it is very warm and after pulling up I pulled it down a little just to get a few breaths in. It wasn’t too bad, though, it’s manageable and it’s the sort of thing that in a week you won’t even notice it.”



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