Tiger Woods: Trying to figure out when and if he’ll be back on the course in 2022

Tiger Woods
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Tiger Woods: It was a spectacle that many had been anticipating. Many questioned if they would ever witness another sight like it. And it was a sight that many people are now wondering when they will be able to see again.

Tiger Woods’ return to action at December’s PNC Championship with his 15-year-old son Charlie, over 11 months after the tragic automobile accident in which he sustained major limb injuries and required many surgeries, was greeted with joy by golf fans all over the world.

For the time being, the 46-year-presence old’s at the tournament in Orlando has proven to be a one-off. While Woods has maintained that he has no plans to return to the PGA Tour full-time, he has not ruled out the possibility of playing in select events in the future.

Woods said at the time, “I’m never going to play a full schedule again.” “I’ll have to pick and choose which activities to attend, and even then, my body might not cooperate.”

“I’m not sure how many events I’ll be playing in,” he says, “and it’ll be up to training sessions, practise sessions, recuperation methods, and all of those other things to be able to do it.”

Despite the less-than-serious tone of the father-son match, in which the Woods finished second to former PGA Championship and Open Championship winner John Daly and his son John Daly II, Tiger displayed flashes of the talent that has led him to 15 major championships.

The fact that he had to use a buggy instead of walking the Ritz-Carlton course was a clue that the man who has long been regarded as a sporting hero still has a long way to go in his recovery from the California coast crash, and that his progress will likely determine his next appearance.

Nonetheless, two-time major champion Mark O’Meara emphasised how significant it was for Woods to return to competition, even if it was only in an exhibition event like the PNC, and the World Golf Hall of Fame member hopes to see his close buddy exceed expectations by playing again.

“Just to come back and play the PNC is a huge accomplishment for him, and who knows where he goes from here,” O’Meara told The Golf Channel. “However, knowing Tiger Woods’ competitive spirit, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play on the PGA Tour again.”

“I believe he’s in a good spot.” I sincerely hope and pray that this is the case. I’m not sure if he’ll come back and play as he used to after what occurred in February, but this young man should never be underestimated.

“I realise he’s not a young man any longer, but every time one of us thinks, ‘Well, maybe it won’t happen,’ it does.”

Sky Sports golf expert Rob Lee was encouraged by Woods’ performance and relationship with his son at the PNC Championship and believes he will be back in action sooner rather than later.

Lee, a two-time European Tour tournament winner, told Sky Sports News last week, “What was astonishing to me is his relationship with his son and the golf that he delivered when he hasn’t played much.”

“Tiger is a great golfer; all he needs now is a body to get him around the golf course four times a week.”

“I believe we’ll see him on the golf field this year – it’ll be incredible.”

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