Thorbjorn Olesen, a Danish golfer, allegedly grabbed a woman’s breast on a flight, according to the court

Thorbjorn Olesen
Source: Skysports

A court heard that Thorbjorn Olesen, a Danish golfer, grabbed a woman’s breast on a British Airways aircraft after drinking and taking sleeping drugs.

On the jet from Nashville to London Heathrow, the Ryder Cup winner, 31, allegedly shoved a cabin crew member and urinated on a first-class passenger’s seat.

Following the World Golf Championships-FedEx St Jude Invitational in Memphis, he was on board the flight with other professionals including Englishmen Ian Poulter, 45, and Justin Rose, 41.

On July 29, 2019, he faces a trial in Aldersgate House Nightingale Court in central London, where he denies sexual assault, assault by beating and being drunk on a plane.

The jury was informed that Thorbjorn Olesen, a five-time European Tour winner from Chelsea in southwest London, said he had no memory of his behaviour onboard the plane after consuming wine and taking sleeping pills.

Cabin staff at British Airways Sarah White said she served a glass of champagne before take-off, followed by vodka and cranberry juice, and witnessed him drinking pink champagne from another passenger’s glass, according to a statement read in court.

Helen Devereux, another BA crew member, saw a small number of individuals gathered around his seat with a handful of “brightly coloured tablets” and overheard someone say, “Oh, I’ll have some of those,” according to the court.

Passenger John Haggis reported hearing the sound of foil from Xanax tablets being split, with Mr Poulter telling Olesen that he had given him one earlier and that he “should do with another as he felt fit.”

“It appeared they were trying to have a party,” Ms White added.

She described how she later attempted to return Olesen to his seat following a trip to the restroom, where he had struggled to exit by pushing on a draw door.

“It’s all about you, isn’t it?” he allegedly remarked as he shoved her with his right hand on her shoulder.

“During the flight, Mr Olesen assaulted me and did not follow my directions,” she claimed.

“I have never encountered such horrible behaviour on a flight in my 27 years of service.”

Olesen was “unsteady on his feet and under the influence of something,” according to cabin service director Graham Gee, who told the court he observed him in business class.

“He became affectionate by holding my hand and kissing it,” Mr Gee explained.

He went on to say that Olesen then made the sign of the cross and kissed God’s hand.

Olesen then grabbed her hand and started kissing it, according to a lady who asked not to be identified because she is a sex offender.

“He wouldn’t let go, nuzzling his face into the nape of his neck.” “I had the impression he didn’t know what he was doing,” she explained.

“His right hand was wrapped around my back. He then gripped my breast with his left hand and ran his hand over my right breast.

“I was taken aback; he had gone too far.”

Olesen was finally restored to his seat with the help of Mr Poulter, according to the court, but he afterwards awoke and urinated on Mr Haggis’ seat and the aisle.

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