Ryder Cup: Bryson DeChambeau admits he wrecked his hands in preparation

Ryder Cup
Source: Skysports

Bryson DeChambeau says training for a long drive contest has “wrecked” his hands ahead of the Ryder Cup.

DeChambeau will compete in the Ryder Cup for the second time from September 24-26 at Whistling Straits, before competing in the Professional Long Drive World Championships from September 27 to October 1 in Mesquite, Nevada.

During the last Tour Championship, the former US Open champion addressed Golf.com about his preparations for the latter event: “My hands are ruined as a result of it.

“People underestimate how difficult a lengthy drive can be. It’s the only sport where you can quantify your achievements with a number.

“Not necessarily by going out and playing golf, since you may get hit by a sprinkler head, have a poor break, or be caught in a nasty wind.” The ball speed number can be seen on Flightscope. And the ball speed number you get is so unusual and unique.

“It’s like a shot-putter hitting a new high score.” You’re attempting to unlock your entire potential in order to breakthrough.”

“I do it every week,” DeChambeau said when asked how he would mix preparing for the Ryder Cup with training for the long drive event.

“Does it seem intimidating?” Yes, absolutely. It was terrifying at first when I attempted it last year.

“But now that I’ve gone through it and experienced the worst pains as well as the most relaxed condition when I’m not doing any speed training, I’ve figured out how to balance it – for the most part. Why not try your hardest in life and achieve both goals?”

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