Russell Knox suffers controversial penalty incident early on final day at Pebble Beach

Source : Sky Sports

Russell Knox put a brave face on as he reflected on a controversial rules incident which hampered his challenge for the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am title. Knox was just two shots behind overnight leader Jordan Spieth when he began his final round with a perfect tee shot down the middle of the first fairway, but his problems began as he began his pre-shot routine for his approach.

“Yeah, I wanted to tee my ball up in the fairway to gain an advantage but sadly I got caught, which sucked!” Knox said after his round. “But, no, I just was getting comfortable a little. I guess I put the club down, moved up, a little waggle, came down and the ball just creeped a little bit, and then obviously I was deemed to have addressed it. And even after I kind of walked away, the ball still moved a little further, like 30 seconds later, which was weird.”

“It’s just one of those horrible rules which every one of us is against. There’s no advantage gained in any way, and it happened to Maverick McNealy yesterday, my playing partner, so it’s just, it’s one of those kind of horrible rules that got me on the first hole,” he added. “At first, the ruling was that I didn’t cause it to move, because it was such a grey area there, and ultimately we got it right and I did address the ball, so I should have been penalised. Obviously, it’s a rule which I wish they would eliminate.”


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