Rory Mcllroy says he will not go down the DeChambeau path of increased speed and distance

Source : Sky Sports

Rory Mcllroy heaped praise on Bryson DeChambeau over the course of the last year but a number of experts were caught by surprise after admitting to developing issues with his swing chasing the extra speed and distance. DeChambeau gained three stone in weight and the impact that this physical transformation has had on his performance has been one of the hottest talking points since the resumption of golf post lockdown.

“Bryson’s distance gain is crazy. He’s big. He’s sort of going down a path. He’s got a conviction, and he’s following it. That’s what he’s done.” Mcllroy said, “He’s always thought outside the box and thought a little differently to most people. He’s really put his mind at wanting to get longer, and he’s definitely done that.”

Mcllroy got a close look at DeChambeuas strategy when he was paired up with him for the first round at Colonial. He was continuously outdriven by DeChambeau but insisted that he would not be going down that path. He said that he weighs half of DeChambeau and felt he played better when lighter.

“I actually feel my best when I’m lighter,” he added. “I feel better when I’m lighter. I feel more supple. I feel like I get a little more speed. I don’t feel great when I gain weight. I was probably at my lightest at the start of the season, that California swing, at Torrey Pines.”


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