Jon Rahm unconcerned by late arrival at Augusta National

Source : Sky Sports

Jon Rahm made a large arrival at Augusta National but is not worried about the lack of preparation. Rahm and his wife welcomed their first child and decided to spend his first days of fatherhood at home. Rahm arrived on Wednesday but insists that his late arrival will not hinder his hunt for a maiden major title.

“Thursday to Monday didn’t sleep much, didn’t hit a single golf shot,” Rahm said. “Maybe haven’t prepared as much as I have in the past, but definitely mentally in a different state. A lot of times practising for a major you spend so much time thinking about golf and for four or five days, it wasn’t even on my mind, which is kind of refreshing.”

Rahm had earlier warned his fans not to back his first major win as he was expected to leave the tournament mid-week. With their child, Kepa’s early arrival, Rahm is set to feature at the Masters this week. He also confirmed that the name of his child had nothing to do with the Chelsea goalkeeper. He also explained that his wife liked the name they had chosen together.



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