Golf News: Will Tiger Woods ever play again on the PGA Tour? Why competing once more would be nothing short of a miracle

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Golf News: We’ve been really fortunate to live in the Tiger Woods era as golfers and golf fans. He controlled everyone with the way he played, handled himself, and conducted himself.

He had a way of making people, even the finest in the world, feel inferior to the point that they couldn’t even achieve what they typically could when up against him. It was incredible to win 15 majors and hold the world No. 1 position for 13 years.

Nobody will ever bring that kind of excitement to the game again, in my opinion. Who’s to say he couldn’t have topped Jack Nicklaus‘ major record of 18 if he had stayed fit throughout his career, regardless of what was going on in his personal life?

I believe that no one expected Woods to return to full-time golf, so his announcement that he might be able to play a few tournaments a year is nothing short of a miracle.

Even the fact that he’s up and walking now, able to chip, putt, and hit a few shots, is remarkable. I met with a number of guys at the Tour Championship a few months ago who had witnessed the magnitude of his injuries and were concerned about how he would recover.

Woods is a one-of-a-kind player who is incredibly resilient and tenacious. He’s now in a situation where he believes he might be able to play golf again, which is a lot better than we could have hoped for a few months ago.

Ben Hogan was in a terrible car accident at the end of the 1940s, and it’s incredible that he survived. He came back after a tortuous recovery. He went on to win five of the six events he entered in 1953, including three of the majors.

I believe the Hogan narrative has struck a chord with Tiger, and that this has kept the possibility of a comeback alive in the back of his mind. Of course, he wouldn’t return to perform what he did previously because his previous body of work was so impressive.

Is he going to be able to compete again? He’s not going to play just to make the team. If he returns, he believes he can win.

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