Golf News: What’s next for Tiger Woods now that he’s won the PNC Championship? Rob Lee on Tiger Woods’ remarkable comeback

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Golf News: Rob Lee reflects on Tiger Woods’ stunning return to competition at the PNC Championship and questions how far he is from a major comeback.

I’m not sure how many people watched the PNC Championship, but the entire two days were wonderful. The excitement must have skyrocketed after Tiger put his name down and announced that he would be playing. Woods is the needle, not the needle that moves!

Woods and his son Charlie came so close to winning, and it was truly a fairy tale for Tiger after everything he has gone through. Tiger’s game was outstanding, especially considering how much time he had off.

He was swinging the club so brilliantly, all he needed to do now is get himself around the golf course to get back out there and win. He was riding in a cart and couldn’t put in the kilometres, but I’m confident that with his current condition, he’ll be able to complete a practice round and four competition rounds.

He’ll only come back to win once he’s teed it up. Tiger isn’t returning just to compete; if you see Tiger pegged for next year somewhere, it’s because he believes he can win, and I wouldn’t bet against him.

What is Tiger’s next step?

Tiger is unstoppable, and you’ll never be able to keep him down. As horrible as things seemed for Woods after his crash ten months ago, I gave him a chance to come back because he’s the most determined athlete we’ve ever seen.

Tiger gets going when people start to buckle and fail as a result of the pressure they are under in the heat. You might even see that at the PNC Championship when Woods is having the time of his life – when the stakes are highest and it’s all about competing.

Tiger has stated that everything he does is ultra-competitive all of the time since it is who he is and what motivates him. We’ll see him out there doing it all over again.

Charlie Woods: Is he a tiger in miniature?

The talent is frightening, especially young Charlie Woods, who is a great prospect. We observed how similar they are with the club twirl, the pace of the swing, and how quickly they pick up the tee, much like when they played together last year. Charlie is a clone of himself!

If you’re growing up with someone every day and need to figure out how to act on the golf course and be a great golfer, there’s no one better to look up to than Charlie’s father.

On Sunday, Charlie hit an incredible shot at the 17th hole. Despite the fact that the breeze was off to the left and the pin was tight to the left, he fades it to start at the water’s edge and drift it back to within three feet. His talent is unrivalled.

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