Golf News: Tiger Woods’ return to golf: Why the PNC Championship is the ‘ideal environment’ for him to participate once more

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Golf News: Nick Dougherty previews Tiger Woods’ return to competition at the PNC Championship and discusses why his newest return is advantageous to the golfing community.

It’s fantastic to see Tiger back in action this week, especially since many of us didn’t think it would happen.

I’ve always avoided predicting what would happen with Tiger woods since he is constantly demonstrating that he will do things we don’t expect. That’s not just because of how he plays the game, but also because of what he’s capable of emotionally to overcome all of his injuries and personal tragedies.

This recent recovery was unlike any of his other ones because, based on what we all heard, no one genuinely anticipated him to return. The injuries were so severe that it was questioned if he would ever walk again, yet he has always been ahead of the curve.

Seeing him hit shots and move effectively, as we did at the Hero World Challenge, has given us a renewed sense of optimism. It’ll be fantastic to see him fighting again and doing what we’ve enjoyed watching him do for decades.

Just witnessing him swing a club in a tournament setting will be incredible. We’re hoping to watch him have a nice time and anticipate him hitting some fantastic shots. He may have a few missteps and be a little shorter than he used to be, but not as short as he claims. He’s a master at downplaying everything, which is a great coping method for relieving stress.

This week will be crucial for Tiger since I’m not sure he knew if he’d be able to battle against Charlie again. He’s known for a long that he’ll be able to swing and hit, but really being able to do it is something else entirely. It’s difficult to get him to play in regular PGA Tour events, so this week is unquestionably for Charlie.

Without putting too much pressure on Charlie Woods, I can’t imagine a universe in which he doesn’t end up on the PGA Tour if he chooses that path. When you look at a 12-year-old, this seems absurd, but when you consider his swing, his background, and the support he receives, it makes sense.

It may seem vulgar to say that of a child, but I believe Tiger sees Charlie’s potential and wants to help him realise it. Being a part of something like that would bring him a lot of joy.

He appears to receive a lot of pleasure from being alongside Charlie to watch him play and compete, based on what I’ve witnessed. Something that provides Tiger with some kind of normalcy in his life is really important to him, which must be one of the reasons why he has worked so hard to make this a possibility for him to play.

The PNC Championship isn’t about winning The Masters or putting him back in the spotlight. It’s just a frolic, but I believe it means a lot to him, and it’s the ideal scenario for his comeback, all things considered.

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