Bryson DeChambeau optimistic new driver can boost his chances

Source : Sky Sports

Bryson DeChambeau targets his second major victory this week at Augusta. DeChambeau is buoyed by his new driver and hopes it will give him an added advantage. He was favourite for the tournament last year after winning the US Open but finished 18 shots behind eventual winner Dustin Johnson.

“Obviously there’s something in the bag this week that’s very helpful,” DeChambeau said. “I won’t go into specifics of it. But just know this has been a few years in the making, and I’m very excited about it. Whether it helps me perform at a higher level, I’m not sure, because it’s golf and you never know what happens. Definitely what I’ve seen on the driving range and what I’ve seen the last week in practice, there are some tremendous benefits to it.”

DeChambeau is still without a top20 finish at Augusta in four appearances but expects to contend this year. He has conceded that every facet of his game needs to be working in order to have a chance of claiming his second major. DeChambeau has the longest driving average on the tour at the moment (320 yards) but feels that he will be surpassed soon.

“I think as time goes on, there’s not much more to gain from the technology side of golf club manufacturing,” he added. “There are little things we can do, but where the massive gains will be is in athletes. Once you get somebody out here that’s a seven-foot-tall human being and they are able to swing a golf club at 145 miles an hour effortlessly, that’s when things get a little interesting. That’s when I’m going to become obsolete potentially even.”



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