Billy Horschel on slow play and his Masters chances

Source : Sky Sports

Billy Horschel has revealed his love for West Ham and apologised for his slow play in the final against Scottie Scheffler. He admitted that he took longer than usual than for some of his shots because of the tough and blistering conditions. He insisted that his slow play was accentuated for television viewers since there were only two matches being telecast at the time.

“It did feel slow,” Horschel said. “I’m not a slow player and I’ve never been called a slow player, but I understand that the final was a slow round of golf. The conditions were tough, with the wind blowing all over the place, so it was sometimes tough to figure out what we wanted to do.”

Horschel is delighted how his game is shaping up on the course ahead of the Masters and is hoping to break into the top 10 soon. He downplays experience saying that with the pin positions changing each year means you are learning new positions each time.

“It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve played at Augusta, you’re still learning things about the course every time you go there,” he added. “You’re learning, with certain pins, where you can get away with a miss, where on the green is a hard two-putt, and various situations like that.”


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