Annika Sorenstam to make LPGA Tour return after 13 years at Gainbridge Championship in Florida

Source : Sky Sports

Annika Sorenstam will return to the LPGA Tour for the first time in 13 years at the Gainbridge Championship in Florida. Sorenstam, 50, retired in 2008 after a career which included 10 major championships, 72 LPGA events and 90 titles in all worldwide.

“I’ve thought about it since I heard the event was coming to Lake Nona, where we have lived for years,” said Sorenstam. “The members keep asking me to play and I figured, why not?”

“I have always viewed it [the medal] in the context of the people through history who have received it,” she added. “It started in 1963 and it’s quite the impressive list of people; whether that’s through science, art, entertainment or sport. It’s really about people that make this world a better place.”

“I’m not one to second-guess. It [the ceremony] was supposed to be in March 2020. Looking back at it, it’s really about the people who have received it through history. I don’t want to spend energy looking back. I want to spend energy looking forward, continuing to open doors and create opportunities for young girls around the world.” she concluded.


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