Zlatan Ibrahimovic on Sweden Return and Family: I’m Human, though I’m Superman


Zlatan Ibrahimovic has recently talked about his family’s reaction to his return to Sweden.

“I’m human, even though I’m Superman,” Ibrahimovic said, explaining how difficult it was to leave his family to join Sweden.

Ibra sobbed during a press conference on Monday – he was disclosing that his return to the Sweden squad has been difficult for his family.

“I had Vincent [his son] here, who was actually crying when I left him. But it’s okay…,” he said, before breaking off in tears according to CNN.

“This takes time away from my family and it’s not an easy thing. If you have two kids crying every time you leave them, it’s a bit hard. I’m human, even though I’m Superman,” he continued.

“They are very proud,” he said, however.


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