World Cup Football News – The Brazil-Argentina Clash Halted

World Cup Football News – The Brazil-Argentina Clash Halted

Brazil took on Argentina in Sao Paolo as a part of the World Cup 2022 qualifying campaign. But in unfortunate developments for this international break qualifier, among other World Cup football news, the Brazil-Argentina clash halted mid-play.

The match witnessed a surprise suspension in the 8th minute as Brazilian Health Authorities [Anvisa] have stormed onto the pitch.

These authorities stormed the field to instantaneously deport four Argentine players who traveled to Brazil for the Brazil-Argentina face off.

The four players under deportation were Emiliano Martinez, Emiliano Buendia, Giovani Lo Celso and Cristian Romero, TyC Sports reports.

Of these four, the former two players are both from Aston Villa, whereas the latter two are both from Tottenham.

World Cup Football News – The Brazil-Argentina Clash Halted

Brazilian Health Authorities stopped the qualifier between their own Brazil and Argentina to ensure immediate deportation of the above-mentioned players.

They have accused these four Argentinian players of lying to enter the country.

They offered up false data to the officials stating they had not visited the United Kingdom recently.

There’s a rule saying all the visitors from the UK are under the obligation to quarantine for 14 days upon entering Brazil. (This was partly the reason Premier League clubs refused to release their players for international duty in this international break.)

And such rules, of isolating for two weeks, these four players obviously had not followed, so they’re now facing deportation.

According to previous reports, Anvisa contacted the police to detain the players at the hotel and deport them.

However, all four had already left the hotel and took the bus for the game when law enforcement officials arrived.


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