Wales Captain Will Support His Teammates Walking Off the Pitch

Wales Captain Will Support His Teammates Walking Off the Pitch

Gareth Bale has said he would support any of his teammates leaving the field among other World Cup football news. Gareth Bale, the Wales captain, will support his teammates walking off the pitch if they are subjected to racist abuse.

As captain of the Wales national team in the World Cup, Bale has said he will back his teammates up.

If his Wales teammates decide to walk off-pitch due to racist abuse during a game, they have his full support.

FIFA has launched an investigation into the prevalence of racism in the ongoing World Cup qualifying international summer.

They decided to do so after England players Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham were allegedly racially abused recently. They faced racist remarks from stadium fans during a World Cup qualifier against Hungary, which they won 0-4 in Budapest.

While taking a knee prior to kick-off, to signify zero tolerance to racism and discrimination, Gareth Southgate’s team was booed.

Some sections of the Puskas Arena crowd booed the kneeling gesture, which in England, players commit to before every match.

Wales Captain Will Support His Teammates Walking Off the Pitch

And now, captain Gareth Bale has spoken ahead of Wales’ qualifier against Belarus on Sunday.

Bale believes it’s only a matter of time before teams walk off the field in response to such racist abuse.

“If things don’t get sorted, that will happen,” the Real Madrid forward said according to Sky Sports.

And walking off the pitch is a move he supports fully because he believes is appropriate in the circumstances.

Bale continued: “If we felt we weren’t getting protection and being treated the right way by the governing bodies and the only way to get the best response was to walk off, I’d be fully for it.

“At the end of the day, it’s the right thing to do and it’s more important than football.

“We haven’t discussed it. But we’d have that discussion if it happened and we’d all agree on it as we’re a team that sticks together and if anyone is being targeted, we’ll do the right thing.”


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