Vote: Should Cristiano Ronaldo Have Been Sent Off in Juventus-Cagliari


Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick in Juventus’ 3-1 victory over Cagliari.

However, Il Corriere dello Sport claims he should have been sent off, as does Rossoblu patron Tommaso Giulini.

According to the newspaper, the striker hit Rossoblu goalkeeper Alessio Cragno during the match at the Sardegna Arena.

When the Portuguese tried to reach a cross with a high foot, he grabbed Cragno, leaving the Italian with a cut to the chin that was already bleeding later in the game.

Ronaldo was given a yellow card for reckless action, but Cagliari patron Tommaso Giulini believes the striker should be sent a red card because he “put our goalkeeper’s protection at risk.”

Do you think Ronaldo should have been sent off for his hat-trick before it happened?

Vote here based on your opinion regarding whether he should have been sent off.


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