Virgil Van Dijk reaveals his list of top five Premier League centre-backs

Virgil Van Dijk reaveals his list of top five Premier League centre-backs

Virgil Van Dijk has emerged to be one of the best centre-backs in the world right now. The Dutchman appeared in Rio Ferdinand’s Between The Lines. Virgil Van Dijk revealed his top five central defenders in the Premier League era.

Van Dijk said: “I can’t do it (put myself in), but hopefully I’ll be in this top five one day.”

Virgil Van Dijk’s top five Premier League centre-backs

1. Rio Ferdinand
“I think you could play in the modern era, back in the say you were so important for that United team. all the England centre-backs looked up to you. I think you were an icon as a defender. Also, the way you played, the presence is a very important thing. Be good on the ball without the ball, you tackle a little bit more than I do.”

2. Vincent Kompany
“Similar, a fantastic captain, good on the ball, good without the ball. Scored important goals during his City career. Scored a very important one against Leicester when we almost won the league. Great guy and he was outstanding.”

3. Jaap Stam
“I have to put my Dutchman in of course. For me, he was the man at the back. with the national team I always thought he would be 2.5 metres. It was his presence, his career in general has been outstanding. His time at United but also in Italy with Milan.”

4. John Terry
“He achieved so much – I think he has the record for clean sheets. Also one of the centre-backs you look at for where you want to be as a youngster.”

5. Sami Hyypia
“I’m going to put Hyypia, you know why – because he’s a Liverpool legend. He was underrated in my opinion. Very good player, good on the ball. So important for the club and in an important period.”


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