Valencia president Anil Murthy, threatens to kill Carlos Soler

Valencia president Anil Murthy, threatens to kill Carlos Soler

Valencia has been taken by storm after president Anil Murthy’s audio recordings were leaked. The recordings were published in Superdeporte newspaper and according to which “Carlos [Soler] is clear that he wants to leave and you have to respect it,” he said.

“Carlos has his family, he wants to leave on good terms and he wants his family to be able to go out into the street.

“He wants his family to be well, but I say to him give me an offer, because if he leaves for free in January I will kill him in the press.

“I will put 100 thousand euros in to kill him.

“You have to bring in money. You came through the academy and the club has invested in you.”

Gaya’s future

“[Gaya] has been here for many years,” he explained.

“I love this team, but you have to respect the ambition of the guys who want to play for the national team. And go to a Champions League team.

“If I tell him that next year I will not spend a lot of money. He will say to me: ‘What am I doing here?’

“Jesus Vazquez will be our left-back next season.”

Valencia mentality

“The saddest thing that we have to change is what we are experiencing right now,” he commented.

“When we played against Real Betis [in the Copa del Rey final], I’m telling you, we went into the game with the Manchester City mentality that we aren’t that good and that Betis are better.

“In Seville that night, why didn’t we close the game out? We could have won.

“The saddest thing is seeing Valencia with the mentality that we aren’t very good.”


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