UEFA Will Allow 26 Players in Euro 2020 Squads

UEFA Will Allow 26 Players in Euro 2020 Squads

UEFA has announced that nations participating in Euro 2020 can list more players, easing the pressure on players and managers. Now, UEFA will allow 26 players in Euro 2020 squads.

The UEFA were deliberating over a proposal regarding major accident or illness. Per this idea, teams would be able to make unrestricted improvements to their roster up until their first game.

On Tuesday, yesterday, UEFA’s executive committee accepted the plan.

UEFA thus implemented the move to relieve players’ stress after a shortened club season.

This new rule will also take pressure off national teams in the event of a COVID-19 epidemic.

New Format

UEFA will allow 26 players in Euro 2020 squads.

Teams playing in this year’s postponed Euro 2020 tournament will be able to select a 26-man squad. This is three more than the normal 23-person squads UEFA allows.

Despite the fact that teams can now name 26 players in their rosters, only 23 can be picked per matchday.

The deadline for naming squads is June 1.

However, teams can now even replace players for serious injury or illness up until their first match of the tournament.

Within “illness” UEFA include players, being declared a close contact of someone with the coronavirus, who need to step down.

Moreover, there is even greater leeway in this rule for the selection of goalkeepers.

Goalkeepers can be replaced throughout the tournament in the case of serious injury or illness. This is unlike other players, who can be rotated on and off the roster only before the first tournament match.

Goalkeepers can now be substituted before each match “in case of physical incapacity”, according to the revised rules. Their replacements can substitute them even though two other keepers on the original roster are already available.

However, “to ensure the integrity of the competition”, once a team replaces a player, even a goalkeeper, they cannot readmit him.


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