UEFA Commence Investigation into Sparta Prague Fans’ Racism

UEFA Commence Investigation into Sparta Prague Fans’ Racism

Sparta Prague supporters, in front of 10,000 children, booed Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara during their Europa League clash (football news). They also jeered and hurled racially charged abuse at the club’s other black players. And this incident during their Europa League match in the Czech city last week, prompted UEFA to begin an inquiry. So, Steven Gerrard’s condemnation of racism, and Sparta supporters’ vehement denial of racist abuse from the stands has seen UEFA commence investigation into Sparta Prague fans’ racism toward rival players of colour.

Sparta’s fans were already finishing an earlier ban from the stadium following racial abuse of Monaco’s Aurelien Tchouameni in August.

But, with approximately 10,000 kids and some adult chaperones attending Thursday’s match in their stead, they against allegedly turned racist.

They booed Gers’ black players throughout the game, with Kamara, receiving particularly nasty abuse every time he touched the ball.

Kamara, we must remind you, was the victim of a horrific racist incident against Sparta’s city rivals Slavia last season.

UEFA Commence Investigation into Sparta Prague Fans’ Racism

Now, UEFA, the governing body of European football, has officially stated that it’s looking into this newest instance of racism.

They will be scrutinizing ‘possible discriminatory acts’ following Steven Gerrard’s Rangers’ guest side’s 1-0 defeat to home team Sparta Prague.

A statement read: “In accordance with Article 31(4) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations, a UEFA Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector has been appointed to conduct a disciplinary investigation regarding potential discriminatory incidents allegedly occurring during the 2021/22 UEFA Europa League group-stage match between AC Sparta Praha and Rangers FC played on 30 September 2021.”

“Information on this matter will be made available in due course,” UEFA’s statement declared, in the end.

Speaking after the match, Gerrard said, as quoted by Sky Sports: “There are hundreds of thousands and maybe more people frustrated because these things keep raising their head far too often.

“Unfortunately, the punishment is not enough. I said last night there needs to be more done. It’s the only way it’s going to get eradicated because the punishments are nowhere near severe enough.”

However, Sparta defended those in attendance in the aftermath of the game.

“[It is] absolutely unbelievable that after a match we have to watch innocent children being attacked and face unfounded accusations of racism,” a statement from Sparta read.

“Insulting children on the internet and in the media is unacceptable, desperate and ridiculous… Stop attacking our children! Our club will proudly defend our children – our future and our pride. Slandering children on the internet is extremely cowardly.”


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