Tottenham Hotspur Fans Displayed Their Support for Antonio Conte

Tottenham Hotspur Fans Displayed Their Support for Antonio Conte

As they beat Norwich City 3-0 at home, Tottenham Hotspur fans displayed their support for Antonio Conte, their new coach. In Sunday’s Premier League football news, Spurs won over Norwich at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and Conte won over Spurs fans.

The majority of the 57,088-strong crowd inside the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium were Spurs home supporters, who cheered on Antonio Conte.

The Tottenham Hotspur boss heard his name ringing out around the stadium full of Spurs’ home crowds on Sunday afternoon.

It was this moment that Antonio Conte truly bonded with the Tottenham fans, and vice versa, for the first time.

Twice in the second half, the Tottenham home crowd collectively sang his name.

The name ‘Antonio, Antonio, Antonio’ rang out around the stadium to the tune of their other chant ‘Everywhere we go’.

Tottenham Hotspur Fans Displayed Their Support for Antonio Conte

Tottenham Hotspur fans have previously appreciated their new head coach Antonio Conte in other matches.

But this was the first time the entire stadium unanimously sang his name in unison, clearly into the evening air.

The Italian manager looked genuinely touched and, on both occasions, turned to all four corners of the ground and applauded.

At the final whistle, upon winning 3-0 with the home fans’ support, Conte again applauded all corners of the huge stadium.

Having heard his name ringing out on Sunday afternoon, Conte admitted that while it was a lovely sound.

“Honestly, first of all I want to say thanks to all the fans that sung my name,” he said.

“On one hand, I’m very happy, very enthusiastic for this. On the other hand, I feel a lot of responsibility towards our fans.

“I think they trust a lot in my work and to listen my name it was good, also because I have just arrived only one month I’ve been here and for sure I have this responsibility to deserve this and maybe it is too early.”

Along with this, after the match, the Spurs coach said he wants to truly earn this level of fans’ affection: “I want to show in the future I deserve this. I think the good result helps you, but I want to deserve if the fans decide to sing my name for my work, for my involvement in this club, in this situation.”

For this fans’ display and love to have come in only his fourth Premier League match is an indication of how quickly his passionate antics and strategies, leading to several wins, have reignited the fanbase and secondly just how much the supporters needed to trust a manager again.


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