Tottenham Head Coach on 0-3 Europa League Loss to Dinamo Zagreb: I’m Disappointed 


After being relegated from the Europa League, Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho has shared his impressions on the 0-3 loss to Dinamo Zagreb which caused it.

“I am disappointed with the difference in attitude between the two teams. I am sorry that my team did not show on the pitch today, not just the basics of football, but even the basics of life, which are respect for their work and full commitment,” the coach told BBC.

“I never like it when someone in football says, ‘I won, they lost’. For me, we win, we draw and we lose. I’ve never run away from that,” he said.

He continued: “I fully respect everything that those connected or not to the club will say about us today. I think we have to acknowledge the problems. But I don’t need any criticism from the outside. I myself am extremely painful about what is happening to my team.

“I just have to apologize to the Tottenham fans. I hope they feel the same way I do. Today it was a matter of life and death and at the moment we are dead. I had similar feelings in a number of other games. But right up until the last game of the season, we will do our best.”


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