Tottenham Head Coach on 0-3 Europa League Loss: Dinamo Zagreb Left Sweat, Energy, Blood on the Field


Jose Mourinho, the Tottenham head coach, has talking about losing 0-3 in the Europa League 1/8 final return leg against Dinamo Zagreb (2-0 in the first leg).

“Dinamo left sweat, energy, blood on the field. There were even tears of joy at the end. I have to congratulate them,” Mourinho told BT Sport.

“Forgetting the final minutes of overtime, when we were finally struggling to get a result, there was only one team who gave it their all throughout the game,” he said.

He continued: “On the other hand – my team. I repeat, my team. It did not look like it was playing in an important match. But if for some it was not important, for me it was.

“I respect my career and my work, so every match is important to me. For any Tottenham fan every game is important. We need a different approach. To say I’m sad is nothing to say. I feel something far worse than sadness.”

“I just came out of the Dinamo locker room, where I congratulated the lads, and I am very sorry that it was not my team who won the match at the expense of their attitude,” he added.

“Football is not just about players feeling superior to others. The core of football is attitude. In this aspect, we conceded,” he concluded.

“I told the players that there was a risk of playing exactly the way we ended up playing. It worked out that way because my players only realised the danger of the situation after the second goal.”


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