This Is How Much the Biggest Football Giants Lost in 2020-21


Many European clubs suffered massive losses in 2020-21 as Barcelona lost the most, and after them, Juventus, losing €210 million. This is how much the biggest football giants lost in 2020-21, we are here to inform our readers.

Few of the top clubs have released their data from the past financial year of 2020-21. And the numbers show that they are all in bad shape.

In fact, Juventus, the Old Lady, who are currently 18th in Serie A, is one of the worst-hit. The Turin club has reported a €210 million loss in 2020-21, second only to Barcelona’s losses.

La Gazzetta dello Sport’s financial expert Marco Iaria reveals the giants’ dire numbers, revealing that Inter and Roma have yet to register their losses from last season.

But when they do, Inter are reportedly likely to unveil a loss similar to Juventus, viz., of approximately €210 million.

Indeed, La Repubblica previously claimed Inter are among the clubs losing the most money in European football. This is because they continue to run at a loss of €12m per month.

Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, two of the most well-off clubs with oil money pouring in, have also not registered their numbers.

And Real Madrid are the only team on the plus side, with more credit, after revealing their turnover for 2020-21.

Now, readers can witness below the 2020-21 financial results of the top European clubs who have already released the data.

This Is How Much the Biggest Football Giants Lost in 2020-21:

Barcelona: -€481m

Juventus: -€210m

Manchester United: -€104m

Borussia Dortmund: -€73m

Real Madrid: €1m


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