Thierry Henry Suggests Kylian Mbappe Should Remain at PSG

Thierry Henry Suggests Kylian Mbappe Should Remain at PSG

With Kylian Mbappe’s future dominating headlines, former Arsenal legend, a crucial fixture of The Invincibles’ era, Thierry Henry chimed in. Amidst football news from Ligue 1 today, Thierry Henry suggests Kylian Mbappe should remain at PSG, that is, Paris Saint-Germain.

PSG forward Kylian Mbappe is in the final year of his contract in Paris.

And despite the arrival of Lionel Messi making PSG stronger, the 2018 World Cup winner is no closer to re-signing.

Some are suggesting football transfers out of PSG for Mbappe, from whom comes the football news of wanting to move.

However, ex-Arsenal player, for one and Premier League Hall of Famer Thierry Henry hopes Kylian Mbappe stays at PSG.

Henry wishes for Mbappe to stay put at France, with his Parisian club, despite growing interest from Real Madrid.

Thierry Henry Suggests Kylian Mbappe Should Remain at PSG

Thierry Henry played for Monaco like Kylian Mbappe before going on to feature for Arsenal and Barcelona.

And he wants the 22-year-old to stay on at PSG.

“I don’t know what is happening with Kylian Mbappe,” Henry said on Amazon as claim beIN Sports.

“We can always speculate and say a lot of things. Me, what I see is that he is still there, that he is training, he is walking, he is running and he is trying to create chances for his teammates.

“He scores, I know that well. He is a player who is also honouring his contract, he is doing nothing bad and he is responding on the pitch, so be happy.

“Like I often say, with an exceptional player we are always looking for the little things wrong. I hope that he will stay at PSG, I hope that he will be good and we will see what the future will bring him because it is normal to evaluate things.

“But is he lacking in respect towards someone? No, I have not yet seen that. He is there, he is present and he is even playing well.”


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