Tebas Wants Messi to Stay

Tebas Wants Messi to Stay

La Liga president Javier Tebas has spoken out about the possible departure of striker Lionel Messi from Barcelona. Tebas wants Messi to stay.

“I want Messi to stay. You can’t be more or less optimistic here,” Tebas said to As.

“I believe he is the best player in history. If he thinks about his last years in football, he should think about the Barcelona brand as well. It’s already getting personal and will move with Messi into life after football.”

“If he started his career at Barcelona, he should continue it there to maintain the integrity of that brand,” he continued.

“If I were Messi’s adviser, I would suggest he does everything he can to stay at Barca because that brand will serve him well in the future. If he spends three or four years at a club like City or PSG, it won’t look the same.”

“He has a few more years of playing football, but the brand will serve him much longer,” he concluded.


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