Son Was Racially Abused Online

Son Was Racially Abused Online

After Tottenham Hotspur lost 3-1 to Manchester United in Premier League, football, and especially United, fans targeted Son Heung-Min. Indeed, Son was racially abused online for the loss.

Son was involved in an incident just before the first goal of the match, which was disallowed by the referee. Just before Edison Cavani scored the premium goal of the game, Scott McTominay’s hand accidently hit Son in the face in the build-up.

Son was struck and he went down, not to get up for a while after that. Based on this, VAR asked the referee to reconsider the situation from the pitch-side monitor.

And so, the referee ruled out Cavani’s goal. But United went on score three more goals after that, and Son himself scored the only Spurs goal later.

However, for this minor inconvenience which Son may have played up, United fans attacked Son online.

And they did not just abuse him, but abused him with racist slurs or subtext. So, Son was racially abused online.

In reaction, Tottenham issued an official statement on their Twitter.

Meanwhile, Son has not yet publicly spoken about the abuse he received.

Whatever his offense on the pitch, Son does not deserve to be attacked for his Korean identity, for being a person of colour.


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