Solskjaer Sends a Farewell Message to Fans after United Fired Him

Solskjaer Sends a Farewell Message to Fans after United Fired Him

Manchester United announced Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s dismissal yesterday (football transfers), after they lost horribly – 4:1 – away at Watford (football news). And now, exiting from the club of his heart, Solskjaer sends a farewell message to fans after United fired him.

The Norwegian manager has taken an opportunity to leave a farewell message to Manchester United’s fans, players and the staff.

In it, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer thanks them all for their tremendous efforts during his 3-year spell at the club.

Solskjaer Sends a Farewell Message to Fans after United Fired Him

“You know what this club means to me and what I wanted to achieve here. For the club, for the fans, for the players, for the staff,” Ole said, as the club’s press office reports.

Despite facing a sacking from Manchester United, Solskjaer is still focused on the best future for the club: “I wanted us to take the next step to challenge for the league, to win trophies and I only think it’s right that it comes from the horse’s mouth.”

“I’m going to leave by the front door, because I think everyone knows I’ve given everything for this club. This club means everything to me and together we’re a good match, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get the results we needed and it’s time for me to step aside,” Ole continued, humbly.

He then expressed his gratitude to everyone who made his time as the United manager special: “First of all, I want to thank the board and the owners for giving me the opportunity because it’s not for everyone and I’ve had the opportunity. I’m so honoured and privileged to have been trusted to take the club forward, and I really hope that I leave it in a better state than when I came. I’ve made great friends, I’ve reconnected with some great friends, new staff coming in I’ve become really good friends with.

“The other staff that was here when I was there, we’re good friends and we have connected and that’s what it’s about at a club like this.

“With the fans, the fans have been amazing. From day one at Cardiff until the last one now. They’ve been absolutely amazing, and we’ll see each other again.”

“I look back at every single second here with pride,” Ole finally concluded, in this heartbreaking farewell letter.


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