Shaw Won’t Let Gareth Down

Shaw Won’t Let Gareth Down

Manchester United full-back Luke Shaw is determined to grasp the opportunity given to him by Gareth Southgate. And this time round, Shaw won’t let Gareth down.

Shaw has expressed his “huge apologies” for withdrawing from England squads in the past.

He feels he may have blown his opportunity to play for England again.

Now, as the in-form left-back tries to make up for a missed time, Luke Shaw is eager to please Southgate.

Being called by the latter for international duty, Shaw won’t let Gareth down.

He said according to The Guardian: “My family [and I] had a few discussions and thought that maybe I won’t be able to get back into it [the England squad].”

However, he went on to say: “But deep down I always believed that I could and I worked hard, and gladly Gareth’s given me another chance. Hopefully, I can just impress him and stake my claim to be in the squad.”

“I had a few massive regrets. I couldn’t stop thinking of the mistakes I’d made in the past, especially with England. I pulled out of a lot of camps around that time. I was maybe not in the best sort of condition,” he said.

“I think over the last two years I’ve thought about it so much that that was my biggest regret, and yeah of course letting Gareth down,” he added.

“I tried to keep in touch with him just to let him know that things have changed. He said he’s picked me on merit and how I’ve been performing. The past is the past and hopefully, we’ve forgotten about that now and can just focus on the future and I want to keep impressing him.”


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