Serie A Want to Open Stadiums at 100% Capacity

Serie A Want to Open Stadiums at 100% Capacity

Paolo Dal Pino, President of Lega Serie A, revealed that he has asked the government to open stadiums in Italy. What’s more, he declared that Serie A want to open stadiums at 100% capacity for the spectators carrying green passes.

The Lega Serie A Council met today, and Dal Pino has revealed the resulting deliverables from this meeting.

The Serie A president said that the Lega A and the FIGC had sent a request to the Italian government.

Among Serie A Other News in Football Live Today – Serie A Want to Open Stadiums at 100% Capacity

The President revealed that the decree on the re-entry of fans into stadiums currently allows for 50% of total capacity.

However, Paolo Dal Pino went on to say, the FIGC wants 100% if the public enters ‘with a green pass’.

“The dialogue and discussion with the institutions continue with the objective of modifying the decree 105/2021, where it provides for 50 per cent of the capacity and in any case a spacing of at least one meter in the outdoor stadiums,” Dal Pino said, according to

“We confirm the request to have in our structures, 100 per cent capacity with a green pass, in the alternative we believe there are the conditions to immediately have an effective capacity of 50 per cent with checkerboard seats in place of the distance meter with determines an inefficient use of the structures.

“Aware of the great challenges of the executive, we highlighted in the talks with the institutions the crisis produces by the health emergency, as the consequent restrictive measures have generated a significant liquidity crisis in professional football, bringing to its knees a sector that can instead contribute a lot to relaunching the country from an economic and social point of view.

“We underlined the need for detailed measures and interventions in today’s FIGC communication.”


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