Santo Is Exhausted Just Looking at Spurs’ Schedule

Santo Is Exhausted Just Looking at Spurs’ Schedule

Tottenham manager Nuno Espirito Santo has expressed concern about the increased demands on players as the season progresses. So much so that Santo is exhausted just looking at Spurs’ schedule.

As Spurs prepare to face Crystal Palace today, Santo jokes that just looking at the schedule makes him feel ‘exhausted.’

This early Premier League kick-off arrives despite the fact that some players will not return from international duty until Thursday.

Santo Is Exhausted Just Looking at Spurs’ Schedule

This international break came so early in the season that Tottenham Hotspur head coach Nuno Espirito Santo is in shock.

Furthermore, Arsene Wenger, a FIFA adviser, has also advocated for a World Cup every two years rather than every four.

“Each time a decision is made, it is more games, more games,” Nuno said, as the Evening Standard quoted him.

“I don’t know if the players will be able to maintain their level of performance with so many games through all these seasons.”

“It is my worry and my biggest concern,” the Spurs coach went one.

“But I don’t have a clear view on what is best for the game, on World Cups every two years,” he added.

Nuno is already concerned about how his players will perform against Crystal Palace.

After all, they have had little time to rest after international duty and even lesser opportunity to train properly now.

“We will play at 12.30 pm and we had players arriving on Thursday!” coach Nuno Espirito Santo said.

“It is tough,” he said, finally. “Just looking at the calendar makes us tired and exhausted but that is why we go day-by-day, as it is the best way.

“It is tough on [players] in every aspect. Because you have to travel, be in different environments, require adaptations, a lot of issues, mental and physical.”

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