Ronaldo Will Continue Playing Internationally for Portugal

Ronaldo Will Continue Playing Internationally for Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo will continue playing international for Portugal because he has not considered retiring from international duty just yet.

After claiming that Manchester United are in a transition period in today’s football news, Ronaldo has discussed his Portugal career.

And the 36-year-old Portugal attacker claims he won’t retire from international football in order to focus on his club career.

Despite being one of the most productive players in the world, rumours flew that Ronaldo might need to resign internationally.

With the World Cup just over a year away, Ronaldo recently became the all-time leading scorer in international football.

Ronaldo Will Continue Playing Internationally for Portugal

And, as such, Cristiano Ronaldo sees no reason to stop playing for Portugal.

He contrasted his desire to continue playing for his nation to his desire to succeed in his club career.

Ronaldo holds the record for most Champions League goals (137), and he refuses such contradiction between club and country.

Asked about retiring from internationals, Ronaldo replied to Sky Sports: “But why? I think it’s not my time yet. It’s not what people want, it’s what I want.

“It’s when I feel that I’m not capable to run, to dribble, to shoot if the power is gone – but I still have that stuff so I want to continue because I’m still motivated.”

Ronaldo added: “It’s the main word – [motivated] to do my stuff, to make people happy and my family happy and the fans and myself.

“I want to put the level even higher. You speak about Portugal but in the Champions League, I have the most goals, the most wins, assists – everything.

“But I want to carry on. I like to play football. I feel good to make people happy.”


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