Roma Will Offer Discounts on Tickets for Fully Vaccinated People

Roma Will Offer Discounts on Tickets for Fully Vaccinated People

Fans who choose to get their COVID-19 vaccination at the Stadio Olimpico will receive a discount on their game tickets. Though Premier League mandate vaccination from their fans for entry into stadiums, Serie A do not (football news). But in an innovative initiative, an Italian Serie A club, Roma, will offer discounts on tickets for fully vaccinated people.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the Olimpico and the Foro Italico area just outside will act as a vaccine hub. It will present an opportunity for city residents to come (walk-in) without an appointment to get their Moderna vaccines conveniently.

Also, Italian outfit Roma are offering a special discount code on the purchase of their next home match ticket. This code is valid for anyone who receives the vaccine during these open days.

Roma Will Offer Discounts on Tickets for Fully Vaccinated People

“From the very start of the pandemic, AS Roma has gone to great lengths to help its fans and the city of Rome to confront the many challenges Covid has brought,” said Guido Fienga, the club’s CEO for the club official website.

“We have distributed masks across the region, along with protective equipment to health workers and pulmonary ventilators to hospitals. Now we stand alongside Regione Lazio, and the various institutions implementing the ongoing vaccination campaign, to encourage our fans to protect themselves with the vaccine.

“We hope to be able to announce as soon as possible that, thanks to the vaccine, all those Roma fans who are vaccinated will be able to enter the stadium and follow the team they love without any further restrictions.”

More than 85% of the adult population in Lazio have immunized themselves against COVID-19 by getting their Moderna vaccinations.

To attend a football match in Italy, fans must have an EU Green Pass. They receive it after proof of vaccination, recent recovery from COVID, or a negative test within the last 48 hours.

This new, special discount is a part of Roma’s effort to encourage more people to receive shots of the vaccine. They may then also get the EU Green Pass.


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