Real Madrid vs Liverpool Twitter Memes!


Liverpool lost 3-1 to Real Madrid, duplicating the score of their last Champions League loss to Real. They lost the 2018 final to the Madrid club, and then too, it was by 3-1. Now, the team has to brace for the onslaught of Real Madrid vs Liverpool Twitter memes!

Beside the Real Madrid vs Liverpool Twitter memes, what ESPN UK pointed out must’ve hurt Liverpool fans the most:

By placing Gareth Bale and Vinicius Bale alongside each other, they pointed out another important parallel. In both 2018 and 2021, a brace from a Real Madrid player secured them the win over Liverpool. Bale was man of the match in 2018 for his brace, and Vinicius today is no less.

One criticism of Liverpool said that the faults began with coach Jurgen Klopp’s line-up. Indeed Klopp was the butt of many a Twitter jokes, such as the one below:

Liverpool were raging when they were not awarded a free kick as Sadio Mane went down. While Klopp seemed to have a bone to pick with the match referee, some tweeters believed “the ref” did a great job:

Everton player Richarlison joined in on the fun, and posted an image with Vinicius Junior on Instagram, which Twitter enjoyed. It was ESPN UK again, which jumped to share it:

Trent Alexander-Arnold made some brilliant saves for Liverpool. However, his two mistakes elsewhere also led to Real scoring twice.

And Twitter fans capitalized on this, saying Gareth Southgate was correct in not including Alexander-Arnold in this year’s England squad:

Watch the Real Madrid vs Liverpool extended highlights here.


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