Real Madrid vs Liverpool Extended Highlights

Real Madrid vs Liverpool Extended Highlights

Liverpool suffered a bitter 3-1 loss to Real Madrid on April 7th. For the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, the Real Madrid vs Liverpool extended highlights have been explained here.


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Here are the Real Madrid vs Liverpool extended highlights:

  • After several attempts, including a header by Vinicius Junior and Karim Benzema’s shot at the ball, Real scored a goal. Toni Kroos’ passes hit Vinicius’ chest on the other side of the pitch, and the latter delivered the ball home.
  • Ozan Kabak defended for Liverpool brilliantly when he placed himself in Benzema’s warpath to divert the ball away. Because of the chance, Real’s Kroos shot the ball from a corner but Asensio’s header missed the mark.
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold then made a costly mistake. His header landed right at Asensio’s feet, and as Alisson Becker left his goalpost to intercept, Asensio goaled without resistance.
  • Lucas Vazquez barged onto Sadio Mane, but the referee did not see this as a foul or award a free-kick.
  • After an excellent series of passes as Liverpool players cut across the field, Mohamed Salah scored. He slotted the ball home for the Reds’ first goal.
  • Ferland Mendy blocked Diogo Jota’s header, after Alexander-Arnold’s perfect pass to him.
  • Meanwhile, Kroos’ attempt to goal also failed, and the ball went over the post. Alexander-Arnold brilliantly saved another attempt by Asensio . But as the Real players began again from this diversion, Vinicius scored to secure a brace. Allison, its not incorrect to say, can be a better goalkeeper.


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