Rashford Explains Why He’s So Big on Charity

Rashford Explains Why He’s So Big on Charity

Marcus Rashford has decided to speak out on the criticism that vengeful souls level at him for his charity work. Manchester United striker Rashford explains why he’s so big on charity, for, of all things, which he has faced backlash.

The 23-year-old player organizes charity campaigns on a regular basis. He has been particularly energetic about providing food for children and families in need, in lockdown, in the United Kingdom.

Rashford Explains Why He’s So Big on Charity

Marcus Rashford, the Manchester United forward, has gone vocal about the emphasis on donation and social work in his life.

The England international has written an article called “Why I don’t stick to football” to The Spectator.

He wrote: “You cannot just stick to football.

“You see, when my community had nothing to call their own, they always found a way to express their kindness towards me.

“I am a product of their compassion, their eagerness and their willingness to offer me more than what I had. I would be serving this community and my family poorly if I didn’t use my platform to speak for the millions whose voices are not heard.”

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