Rangers Head Coach Says Slavia’s Ondrej Kudela Was Racist toward Glen Kamara


Steven Gerrard, the Rangers head coach, has hinted toward racism during the Europa League 1/8 final match (0-2, first leg – 1-1).

He has said that his team’s defender Glen Kamara was subjected to racist abuse by Slavia’s Ondrej Kudela.

“My player told me he was insulted on the grounds of racism. It’s frustrating that they started defending their player and calling us liars,” Gerrard said to BBC.

Towards the end of the game, Kudela turned to Kamara by covering his mouth with his hand. This led to a conflict on the pitch.

And Gerrard said: “I am angry. I know Glenn and trust him 100%. This started because of a Slavia player, something needs to be done quickly, but it’s not up to me. Whatever happens, I support Glen.

“I don’t even feel like talking about football right now. Now it’s up to UEFA, and I just hope they don’t shut it down.

“Glen wanted to get on with the game, he was obviously very upset.”


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