Racist Abuse from a Home Fan Stopped the Duisburg-Osnabruck Clash

Racist Abuse from a Home Fan Stopped the Duisburg-Osnabruck Clash

Duisburg’s game with Osnabruck in the German third tier, the 3.Liga, was abandoned with just over 30 minutes played. Match officials stopped the game following an apparent racist incident within the stands. So, after Club Brugge’s racist overtures (football news today), racist abuse from a home fan stopped the Duisburg-Osnabruck clash too.

The referee originally suspended the encounter midway through the first half by following abusive comments coming from the home crowd. A Duisburg fan at Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena were hurling racist slurs towards an unspecified player.

Then, both teams held subsequent discussions about the resumption of the game. However, eventually, news came through three-quarters of an hour after the incident that this 3.Liga match would not restart.

During the break from play, Duisburg President Ingo Wald insisted that one fan’s actions didn’t represent the larger football community.

“That is basically always a minority,” he told MagentaSport.

But Wald went all out in condemning them as they still hold the power to sabotage the game for everyone.

“However,” the home club president added, “this minority may destroy football. Every fan should stand behind the fact that something like this is not proper!”

Racist Abuse from Home Crowds Stopped the Duisburg-Osnabruck Clash

A home fan from Duisburg called a visiting Osnabruck player racist names on Sunday in the German third tier league.

Duisburg and Osnabruck were stuck in a goalless deadlock midway through the first half.

So, referee Nicolas Winter brought the match to a pause with just under a quarter-hour until the interval.

The official heard the racist abuse directed towards a player, likely Osnabruck winger Aaron Opoku.

Opoku, who is on loan at the club from Hamburg, appeared visibly upset upon hearing the abuse reach the pitch.

Opoku, 22, was distraught by the racist remarks and his team-mates walked off the pitch with him in solidarity.

Both teams went into their respective dressing rooms, while authorities removed the offending supporter from the ground.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crowd actually proceeded to sing the anti-facism song Schrei nach Liebe. These politically conscious home fans gave football watchers everywhere some heart by chanting “Nazis out!” while awaiting a potential restart.


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