Pedri Finally Takes a Break

Pedri Finally Takes a Break

Pedri Gonzalez has finally decided to kick his shoes back, relax and spend some time being laid-back. After football news of Barcelona granting him a much-needed breathing period and a contract extension, Pedri finally takes a break.

The 18-year-old has had one of the most intense breakthrough seasons imaginable.

Not only did Pedri break into Barcelona’s first team early last season, he also played 73 games across all competitions.

Indeed, as a new part of Spain’s summer squad, Pedri played nearly every minute of La Roja’s Euro 2020 campaign.

He then went to the Olympics with Spain. There too, he was a constant presence in the Under-23 squad as his team advanced to the final.

Many have criticized, and made memes over, Pedri’s hectic schedule. After all, his upcoming timetable sees the 18-year-old teen competing in three tournaments over the course of a year.

In fact, only Richarlison of Everton and Brazil and Pau Torres of Villarreal put up numbers even comparable to Pedri’s.

However, though both are young like Pedri, they are still both 24 years old and significantly more physically developed currently.

Pedri Finally Takes a Break

Meanwhile, while still being a teenager, Pedri’s performances this season have managed to astounded everyone.

Despite a demanding schedule, the 18-year-old teen has risen to the highest level of European football without breaking a sweat.

In form of gratitude for his unwavering energy, Barcelona have granted the Canary Islands native two weeks off to rest.

After they rewarded him thus with a break to recuperate, Pedri has posted a photo of himself relaxing.

He’s laying easily in a chair in the sun to tell fans that he is finally taking a well-deserved break.


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