New United Contract with £10m for Solskjaer

New United Contract with £10m for Solskjaer

Manchester United are set to extend their deal with head coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. So, a new United Contract with £10m for Solskjaer is in the horizon.

According to the Daily Mail, the agreement will run until at least 2024.

The salary increment in the new United contract is £10m, for Solskjaer currently earns £7m.

The coach’s current contract expires in 2022. And it was previously reported that a new contract wouldn’t be due till summer.

Solskjaer has been in charge of the team since the end of 2018.

when Solskjaer took over at the helm, the team finished sixth in the 2018/2019 season of EPL.

The season after that, Manchester United finished third. They are now even better off- in second place in the English league.


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