Mourinho: Modric Understood What Real Madrid Is


Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho has praised Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric to Jutarnji list. Having worked together with Modric at the club in Madrid, Mourinho said ‘Modric understood what Real Madrid is’.

Here is how the interview went:

Question: How has Modric adapted to the difficulties of life as a Real Madrid player? Daily pressure, fans.

Answer: Very calm. Modric was a very calm and confident guy who quickly understood what Real Madrid is, the scale of the club, the challenges one faces there.

I quickly realised that this is a team player. He is a professional who leads a quiet life, who likes stability in his family. He works hard, is confident but also very humble.

Another related question, about Modric going to Real, where he prefers to still stay, was:

Question: What do you particularly like about his game? You insisted on Modric’s move to Madrid, although it was very difficult to negotiate with the Tottenham president.

Answer: Technical characteristics, vision and reading of the pitch, quality of decisions on the pitch, quick thinking, quality of long and short passes, goals from outside the box, pressing, smart positioning, ability to act intensely and dynamically. All those things we needed to take the Real Madrid game to the next level.

Modric is also a midfielder for Croatia, and Mourinho was asked about his international performance.

Question: We have invited you because of the 15th anniversary of Modric’s debut for the Croatian national team, and because of the upcoming record of 135 national team appearances he will set. What do you say to him on this occasion?

Answer: Oh, it’s very simple. Luka, you’ve written the story. When a player of your position manages to write his name in history, he becomes immortal. So congratulations from the bottom of my heart!

Finally, Mourinho was asked about Modric in comparison to other legends.

Question: Have you come across such players in your career? With which midfielder would you compare him?

Answer: Luka Modric has won the Ballon d’Or. Why should he be compared to anyone?


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