Messi + Neymar News – One Protests Deportation, Other Has ‘Behaviour Bonus’

Messi + Neymar News – One Protests Deportation, Other Has ‘Behaviour Bonus’

Lionel Messi is challenging the Brazilian Health Authorities [Anvisa] for suspending a Brazil-Argentina World Cup match to deport four players. As Argentina’s captain, Messi has demanded an explanation for the health authorities’ timing and their need to suspend an important qualifier (football news). Meanwhile, his former Barcelona and now Paris Saint-Germain teammate, Neymar from Brazil, gets cookie points for good behaviour, we’ve realized. And not just cookie points, much more than that – he received monetary bonuses to act like a decent human being. So, in today’s Messi + Neymar news, one protests deportation, other has ‘behaviour bonus’, written into his contract, it seems.

Messi Speaks Up Against Their Game’s Suspension

Paris Saint-Germain and Argentine international super star and captain Lionel Messi has appealed directly to the Brazilian Health Authorities [Anvisa].

“We’ve been here [in Brazil] for 3 days. And nothing happened. Why did they wait for the game to start?” asked Messi, as per RMC Sport.

“It’s a disgrace. This place is a circus” the Argentine captain added. “The whole world is watching us.”

To refresh readers’ memories, health authorities interrupted the World Cup 2022 Qualifier clash between Brazil and Argentina in Sao Paolo.

Brazilian Authorities stormed onto the pitch at the 8th minute to deport 4 Argentine players. These four Argentinians had broken the COVID-19 restrictions, by lying about their travel history, to fly in from the UK.

Neymar Receives a ‘Behavior Bonus’

Meanwhile, a Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, has published the details, some being extremely bizarre, of Neymar’s contract at Paris Saint-Germain.

The Brazilian joined the club from Barcelona back in 2017 for a record fee of 222 million euros.

And while the total expenses actually exceeded 489 million euros, we now know that Neymar has cost PSG way more.

In addition to this humongous transfer fee and his considerable salary, the Parisian club pay Neymar the so-called ‘behavior bonus’.

The player receives around 540,000 euros per month for “being polite, punctual, friendly and available for the fans”, says Marca.

So, in today’s Messi + Neymar news, while one protests deportation, the other has a ‘behaviour bonus’.


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